Mobile working with tablets & laptops

Tablet und Laptop werden zum mobilen Arbeiten genutzt

Work on the move - made easy thanks to mobile Internet

More and more employees are working from on the road, on the train, at the customer's premises or wherever a project is currently taking place. Usually different devices are used simultaneously. Be it a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop or devices for controlling machines. Everything is networked with the Internet. With a data SIM card for mobile Internet, working on the road is made easy for you and your employees and the connection to the headquarters is always available.  Customer presentations, sales calls, report transmissions, blog entries and much more can be done easily on the road. Digital Republic offers the right data subscriptions and telecommunications solutions.

What connection speed is suitable for mobile working?

Depending on your individual application needs, there are various options available for you and your employees. If only work reports are to be transmitted, a Flat 4 with 0.4 Mbits download and 0.2 Mbits upload is already sufficient. If you make video calls on the road, a stable connection is essential. The Flat 10 with 10 Mbits download and 5 Mbits upload is perfectly suited for this. Digital Republic also has a suitable offer for applications with higher Internet speed requirements. If you need to transfer large amounts of data in a short time or want to network several devices, you can activate the Flat 50 data package, which reliably transfers data at the speed of 50 Mbits download and 25 Mbits upload.

Bye Bye Plastic! Our Flat Subscriptions are now also available as eSIM!

All our flat subscriptions are also available as eSIM. It takes only a few minutes to install the eSIM. It is done in a few simple steps. The eSIM is the sustainable future for your devices. Find out which devices are eSIM compatible. Click here.

Further information about the eSIM can be read in our blog.

SIM Karte für mobiles Internet von Digital Republic

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