M2M (machine-to-machine) Communication

M2M Kommunikation mit SIM-Karten

Driving automation forward thanks to M2M communication

Many industries are based on automated processes which are independently triggered by certain parameters - the so-called M2M (machine-to-machine) communication via SIM cards. Coffee machines that order new coffee themselves, sensors in machines that are monitored and controlled by other machines and many other areas of application require a connection from one machine to another. Thanks to mobile internet you can establish and automate M2M communication. As a company you can sell or rent already networked machines to end customers, so that the customer doesn't have to worry about anything.

M2M requires only low connection speed

Usually only small amounts of data are sent during automated transmissions between machines. For this reason, the smallest possible data package Flat 4 with 0.4 Mbits download and 0.2 Mbits upload is suitable. This speed is sufficient for your machines to communicate with each other.

Static IP-Adress and IPv6 Network

Thanks to the combination of Digital Republic SIM cards and an IPv6 network, you can now set up a network with static IP addresses for all your IoT and mobile devices. This allows you to easily access your devices or your data in the office remotely from anywhere. Thanks to the static network, no additional cloud service is needed.  Learn more about SIM cards with public IP or contact us for information on how you can set up your own IPv6 network with our data SIM cards.

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