Holistic Subscription Management

Laptop und Smartphone verwalten Daten-Abos

All Subscriptions of Your Employees at a Glance

Managing your employees' mobile subscriptions can be stressful and time-consuming. 

With Digital Republic, you'll never have to call your provider again to request changes to mobile contracts. Thanks to the easy-to-use customer portal, your employees' contracts are always available online at a glance.

While on the one hand you can select individual settings for the Internet speed for each employee, on the other hand you can flexibly switch telephony and SMS on and off as required - just as your employee needs it. Of course, unlimited mobile data as well as unlimited telephony and SMS are available to the entire staff. 

No matter which or how many devices are to be connected: You can easily register SIM cards in the customer portal within a short time. Your employees can create their own profiles and then manage them individually. 

With Digital Republic's mobile subscriptions, you are not bound by a contract. If an employee is unavailable or does not need the subscription, you can simply switch it off - without any follow-up costs. 

Controlling usage and costs for your employees' plans has never been easier!

Bye Bye Plastic! Our Flat Subscriptions are now also available as eSIM!

All our flat subscriptions are also available as eSIM. It takes only a few minutes to install the eSIM. It is done in a few simple steps. The eSIM is the sustainable future for your devices. Find out which devices are eSIM compatible. Click here.

Further information about the eSIM can be found in our blog.

SIM Karte für mobiles Internet von Digital Republic

Test now with no strings attached

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Test now with no strings attached

Order your SIM Card today and enjoy your month of free unlimited data tomorrow. With us you don’t have to fear being tied down. Call us anytime if you need advice.