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Laptop und Smartphone verwalten Daten-Abos
Manage your employees' subscriptions holistically and easily with Digital Republic. You can create and customize profiles for your employees. You'll always have an overview of usage data and costs.
Subscription management, employee profiles, surfing, telephony
VPN IPv6 IoT Router Box VIIRB von der Marke Ungleich
Static IP addresses over the IPv6 network can now be implemented with simple plug & play solutions. Together with a selected partner we provide you with a simple IPv6 solution.
Suitable for all applications that require a public, static IP.
Tablet und Laptop werden zum mobilen Arbeiten genutzt
Equip your field staff with the most cost-effective solution for mobile data. With the Digital Republic Flat 10 offer, your employees are connected even when they're on the road.
VoIP / PBX, Office applications, Video Streams, Online conferences, Email, Surfing
Smartphone tätigt per VoIP App einen Anruf
If your company uses a VoIP (Voice-over-IP) or PBX system to make calls, your employees can be equipped with the Digital Republic Flat 1. So, your employees can take their landline with them when they're on the road.
VoIP / PBX Telefonie, Online Conferences
Ipad überwacht per GPS Tracker Geräte
The monitoring and tracking of assets such as machines, vehicles or other objects can help to optimize business processes and save costs. We recommend the Flat 0.4 or our Flex offers for all tracking applications.
Locating, Monitoring, Theft Protection, Process Optimization
Laptop und Tablet werden zur Fernwartung genutzt
Remote controls of any kind can be equipped with the Digital Republic Flat 0.4. From heating controls to machine controls, any 2G, 3G or LTE-capable applications can be used with Digital Republic.
Heating Control Systems, Remote Switching, Status and Measured Value Monitoring
Weisse Überwachungskamera von vorne
Surveillance cameras are often located in places that are outside the WLAN area. LTE-capable cameras are ideal for this purpose. With the Digital Republic Flat 10 SIM card you can access all your surveillance cameras at any time.
Surveillance Cameras, IP Cameras, Wildlife Cameras, Image-, Video- & Sound - Transmission
Schwarzer mobiler Hotspot, der Internet für unterwegs nutzbar macht
Do your employees often work on the road and should their laptops and tablets always be connected to the Internet? With a small mobile router and the Digital Republic Flat 50, you'll have enough speed to connect mobile Internet to devices on the go.
YouTube, online meetings, office applications, multiple devices
Silberner Transporter von der Seite Flottenmanagement
Digital Republic offers various solutions for fleet monitoring and Internet in vehicles - whatever your needs are.
Fleet Telematics, GPS Trackers, WLAN in Vehicles, Navigation and Infotainment
M2M Kommunikation mit SIM-Karten
A mobile Internet connection is also often required for networked communication between different devices. Be it a vending machine, a coffee machine or other devices. As long as no pictures and videos need to be transmitted, the Flat 0.4 is sufficient.
Control Systems, Remote Switching, Status and Measured Value Monitoring, SmartMeter, Control Systems, VPN Connections
Schwarzer Office Router
WLAN for your office? With an LTE-enabled WLAN router and the Digital Republic Flat 300, multiple employees can work simultaneously. Please make sure to check your Internet speed here after activation. If the network coverage at your location is not sufficient, you can switch to a cheaper rate.
VoIP or PBX telephony, office applications, video streams, online conferences, email, surfing

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